How Much Do You Charge?

/How Much Do You Charge?

How Much Do You Charge?

Some developers charge by the hour. I prefer to charge by the project. There are so many variables to consider, that the only way to approach a fair and proper quote is to first gain an overall understanding of what you want to achieve. I have prepared a simple, online “Request A Quote” Form to help prepare a quote for you.

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I am an experienced Website Developer/Designer, IT Director and Systems Apps Engineer now working full-time abroad from my home office in Chiang Mai Thailand. I am also an Entertainment Industry Executive, Talent Agent and Manager. I have consulted, and deployed advanced systems and technical projects for individuals and large companies alike. I work well under pressure, and always do my best to meet my deadlines. Not only can I function as a highly-qualified Developer, but I can also manage, delegate and help you harness the full power and potential of your business.

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