Will You Work With My Current Developer Or Designer?

/Will You Work With My Current Developer Or Designer?

Will You Work With My Current Developer Or Designer?

Sometimes, I have requests to assist on brand new projects where a given developer or designer is too busy to handle the full scope of the project themselves. Other times, I receive requests to pick up faltering projects already in process. Usually, it is a case where a previously chosen Developer or Designer has brought a website to a point where they are no longer capable of developing it further, were not ultimately qualified to start with or are unable to troubleshoot errors and fix existing problems. However, they do have an intimate knowledge of the existing architecture; and more importantly, they usually have a better understanding than me of the business behind the website. For these reasons and more, I am always happy to network with your current designer(s) to help make your website all that it can be.

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I am an experienced Website Developer/Designer, IT Director and Systems Apps Engineer now working full-time abroad from my home office in Chiang Mai Thailand. I am also an Entertainment Industry Executive, Talent Agent and Manager. I have consulted, and deployed advanced systems and technical projects for individuals and large companies alike. I work well under pressure, and always do my best to meet my deadlines. Not only can I function as a highly-qualified Developer, but I can also manage, delegate and help you harness the full power and potential of your business.

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