Project Description

Classified Website – Build Study 4

There are many Classified Ads websites out there… but most are lacking in proper design, and more importantly, overall functionality. When I started building, I needed to cover every Province and Region in the country of Thailand. Of course, Thailand is about the same size as the state of Texas, so building a database to accomplish this objective was much easier than trying to build one for the whole of America. Nevertheless, Thailand has many “Provinces”, “Amphurs” and “Tambons” (Same as America has many States, Cities and Counties). Proper Search criterion is reliant on building out the database with the proper fields. This was an extended effort that paid off in the end, with enjoying one of the best User Interfaces for detailed Search capability.


Another challenge with this website was harnessing the multiple potential product and service categories, and building them into the database as well. Of course, a Classified Ads Website may sell just about any product or service imaginable, so it was important to set up the Category structure tree accordingly. A “Points” payment system was also build into the function areas In addition to secure payment channels, advertisers have the option to upgrade their ads by purchasing with Points, which can be purchased in blocks. Finally, I build a very sleek Geo Location module into this website, which allows purchasers to use localization and print out driving directions. This website was build on the powerful Joomla CMS platform.*

*Disclaimer: After years of faithful development with Joomla, I have finally made the switch to WordPress. Like a lost friend, I now relegate Joomla to specific use instances, and recommend that all my clients choose WordPress CMS over Joomla (or any other CMS).

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