Project Description

Donor Website – Build Study 5

Building websites for the medical industry is always a rewarding challenge. You know they are going to require highly accurate interpretation of their information, and expect website systems to work as well as the equipment they use in their professions. This website involved creating a Community Platform that would allow Agents, IP’s, SM’s, ED’s, Sperm Donors, Doctors, Medical Professionals and Others to all network together to freely exchange information and services. Unlike many Member platforms that require a login system that takes users to a backend Administration panel, this build called for a frontend management system. Members were to be able to edit their own profiles, quickly and easily from the front end of the website. All the while, all profiles had to be kept inaccessible to non-members. This required setting up separate User Roles for each Category of Membership, with varying degrees of permissions applied.

I was also asked to create an informational video series for this website. A Developer who can function in a “hybrid” capacity, and a “Designer” as well can be highly beneficial to the final outcome of your website. The ability to enhance photos in Photoshop and edit video in Adobe Premiere Pro can take your website to the next level. If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million words!

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