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Project Brief For this project, I was contracted to build a comprehensive Fertility Clinic Website. The call was to build a website that was visually appealing to the senses and emotions. Being a "Zen"-oriented business approach, each image needed to be moving, and carry a complimentary color scheme. On top of [...]

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This Talent Agency Website is a straightforward looking corporate build at first glance. However, I can't emphasize enough how much is packed under the hood of this engine! The original build dates all the way back to 1996, when it was a straight HTML website. In 2002, the earliest version of Mambo was adopted, [...]

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Donor Website - Build Study 6 Building websites for the medical industry is always a rewarding challenge. You know they are going to require highly accurate interpretation of their information, and expect website systems to work as well as the equipment they use in their professions. This website involved creating a Community Platform [...]